04/25/2012 12:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Drive Fast And Take Chances

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Hi, my name is Sarah Kuperus I am a 22 year old college broadcasting student with a very big dream. Before reading my essay please watch this:

In this clip I say that one thing I want to do before I die is thank everyone in the military and I actually have been doing this at home. If I see someone in uniform I will go out of my way to shake their hand and thank them, but besides wanting to thank as many people in the military I have another goal that I would love to achieve.

If you had the opportunity to ask any of my friends what I should be doing with my life they would tell you that I should have my own television show. I agree, I love to make people laugh, see them smile, and to entertain them. That is exactly what Ellen does and that is why I am choosing her as the one person I would love to co-host with. If I could have this chance before I die I would be absolutely grateful. Receiving the chance to host with Ellen will help me realize that my dream is not too big to achieve, that this is the right job for me and that I can do anything if I just work my hardest. I have been trying to get myself out to the public by having my own show on YouTube called "The Sarah K Show." I have interviewed other celebrities and I have tried to create different types of episodes. If I can make someone laugh or keep them entertained for the couple minutes they watch my video I am satisfied. I want to try to go beyond the internet world and I want to entertain people on T.V.

Getting the opportunity to co-host a show with Ellen would impact my life greatly. It would reassure me that chasing my dreams is not a waste of my time. I am in college right now and I get frustrated believing that this goal is too big for me to achieve. This would help me to believe that this is the right choice for me and I am not making the wrong decision.

The time is now to fulfill my dream and I am more ready than ever.