05/27/2015 11:02 am ET Updated May 27, 2016

The Inner Temple of the Unknown

"I am a portal to Truth, luminous.
I am as wide-awake today as I can possibly be. And I am not the only one.
I... am... not the only one.

Truth is a pathless land." -- Krishnamurti

When you are losing yourself it's important to appreciate the unknown and the divine beauty that exists within you and all around you.

I have sought to have everything outlined, highlighted and defined into a checkbox. But my soul has no checkbox. There is no square here. No defining and no locking your soul down. This path calls for a hero, this path calls for you. Each breath should be done with deep gratitude for the purpose of your path is beyond you and its beyond definition.

So when you're feeling small, or feeling unsure of the path, take some time out to be with yourself, pursue something creative you love. Speak with a friend, reach out and talk. Be there for someone, allow someone to be there for you.

The path we walk is one you cannot define, sometimes it's dark, sometimes its luminous. But it is always a truthful one.

You are never alone, you are always one with those that take the pathless land.

Don't be shy, be a leader, reach out, lift others up, be true to yourself, be conscious, be a leader, be a giver, be you, speak your truth, let your light shine, don't worry about your flaws, breathe in and breathe out gratitude every single day. There is great beauty in this moment, in the path of the unknown, you are never alone.

It's time to leave the path of the 'known' and be the one that walks into the unknown. It's time to craft your own road, strap yourself in and live a life you'll never regret. A life that truly serves your truth.

"You can't seek approval on your way to sovereignty. You can't restrain your way to joy.
Freedom does not come from a checklist.
If liberation is a chore, it isn't really liberation, is it?"
-- Danielle Laporte