02/24/2014 11:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Your Oscar Menu in Gifs

Hope you have an Iron Man stomach, you are cordially invited to The Act of Grilling: My Annual Oscar Party Feast. All gifs created by Matt Laud.

First Course

Dench your thirst with a savory Martini Scorcheesy or some Alexander Cham-Payne

"The Great Fatsby" is a favorite of mine, a moist bed of Wolf of Waldorf Salad and Leonardo diCarpaccio

Cate Blanched Christian Kale paired with American Mussels

Lupita Mang'o skewers accompany a platter of Blue Jasmine rice and Joaquinoa Phoenix, cooked with bits of August: Sausage County fat.

Cleanse your palate with Melon Degeneres

Main Course

Sandra Biscuits and Gravy-ity Judi Denched in ButtHer

Michael Fassburgers served with Jennifer Slawrence

Dallas Bacon Club with Jared Lettuce

David O. Brussel Sprouts and Fried June Squid Wrapped in Flatbread McConaghey

Saving Mr. Shanks with Ernest & Celery, and know that All is Sauced.

There's also a dieter's menu option of PhiloLeana Cuisine.


A Bradley Scooper of Frozen 12 Years a Shaved Ice from Steve McDairyQueen served in an ice cream Cohen brothers

Peppermint Barkhad Abdi

Inside Lemon Merengue-is - or, when topped with chocolate, Baked Nebraska

Digest with


Big League Chewitel Ejiofor

Meryl Streeped Chamomile Ernest & Celestial Seasonings.

Happy Academy Awards!

Thank you to chefs and contributors: Matt Laud, Kyle Sauer, Steve Poleschuk, Paige Tibbetts, Jack Varon, Chris Cadena, John Welsh, Tyler McCauley, Zach Kohn and Christina Cody.