08/28/2014 02:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Travel Guide: The Art and Design (and Food and Drink) of Marfa, Texas


Before minimalist artist Donald Judd arrived in the early 1970s, Marfa was a floundering former railroad stopover in the remote West Texas desert. He gave the town its first dose of creative vigor, and in his wake a growing handful of artists and makers have made their way to this eerily picturesque town of 2,000 in the middle of nowhere. I've been intrigued by Marfa for years, so naturally jumped at the opportunity to spend some time there as Strolby prepared for the launch of Strolby Marfa. After a 13-hour journey that included two flights and a three-hour drive from the nearest airport in El Paso, I finally arrived at our rented bungalow, travel weary but excited. Marfa did not disappoint. This is a town with the artistic sophistication of a New York City, the pace of a muddy river, and an utterly singular atmosphere, where large-scale isolation fosters a hive of creative activity.

Check out my full guide to the style, design and art of Marfa over at Almanac of Style, including the fabulous Wrong Store, pictured above.