Ziplining and Facing My Fears to Step Into My Greatness

03/07/2014 04:39 pm ET Updated May 06, 2014

Monkey see, monkey do in Monteverde, Costa Rica! From witnessing monkeys hanging in the trees right outside our hotel doors, to ziplining through the canopy tree tops high above the mountain valleys like fearless monkeys. This was how one of our most adventurous mornings began and ended on our trip!

Ziplining was so exhilarating and liberating, although I had a moment when I didn't think I could continue on. Truth be told, I was definitely more nervous seeing the distance I had to go rather than the actual height, while waiting on the platform for my turn.

I started to get heart palpitations, while standing out on the zipline platform at cable #6, with only moments away from it being my turn. My most terrifying fear was getting stuck out in the middle from breaking too soon on the zipline, as I couldn't see the next platform where I was supposed to end up. That would have left me to wait there for someone to come rescue me, while I would just hang suspended over a mountain valley a hundred or so feet up -- ah, no thank you!

Right then and there, I thought about the myriad of reasons and fears of why I couldn't continue any further, and started to convince myself I had enough of the ziplining adventure.

I watched all my GAdventures traveler friends take on cable #6 like it was nothing, while I descended down the hill on built in ledge steps made of dirt and wood. As I came down, I realized I had no idea how to navigate my way back to the beginning of the course. Oh my! I looked to my left at the previous path #5, straight ahead at the nature hiking path, and then to my right towards the path and steps of #6.

As I stood there debating what to do, I thankfully heard one of the ziplining guys talking on a walkie talkie in the distance. I yelled out "Help!" Ziplining guy, my lifesaver, appeared at the perfect moment from the nature path. I didn't hesitate to ask him how I could get of there. I shared my fear of continuing on the long ziplines and getting stuck out in the middle of the line. He promised to go with me on the longer ziplines, so then I could finish the course -- I received the reassurance I needed!

It's somewhat hard to stop in the middle of the course, if you are going to be so far away from where you started or need to end. So I ended up skipping about two or three ziplines, but made it through the rest of the ziplines -- some solo and some with Mr. Zipline Guy, my hero! Despite having that moment of fear, I loved ziplining; and I would definitely do it again!

It's amazing how fear or how you approach fear can really make all the difference, especially, in living life to the fullest. Sometimes you just need to put yourself out there and try; fear will diminish, rather than hold you back and cause you to miss out on what could be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As in ziplining and in life, you don't have to travel great distances or climb to higher heights in your life solo. Once you have the courage to ask for the support or help you need (friends, family, network/industry leaders, or in this case Mr. Zipline Guy!), you'll be amazed as to how far you can really go. Definitely beyond what you can even imagine!

Never underestimate your ability to overcome your fears, doubts and self-limiting beliefs. Instead, conquer your dreams, and choose to Step into your Greatness, your Courageous & Remarkable Self! Namaste!

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Originally posted January 2013 on Courageous & Remarkable Self blog.

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