02/24/2011 08:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Passion of a Tango-Singing Taxi Driver in Buenos Aires

Watch and listen as I get serenaded by a taxi-driving tango singer. Tango is an addictive dance, it's not only the dance, it's the music, the shoes, the personalities. One night during my tango pilgrimage to Buenos Aires, I left a milonga Zona Tango at the early hour of 2 am and stepped into a cab. My driver was a professional tango singer (many cab drivers in Buenos Aires are addicted milongueros, dancers who prefer the flexible hours so they can dance every night). My driver was a singer as well as a dancer, and he serenaded me on the way home. I was in a state of electric bliss listening and watching the city go by.

I predict this will be the opening scene of a longer documentary piece I make on the passion of tango addicts in Buenos Aires. How can I resist after this? Collaborators, funding, this is your call to join me.

Sasha Cagen is an author and entrepreneur who spent 2010 traveling in Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. Read more of her adventures and observations at