05/23/2014 03:01 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2014

7 Reasons Why I Am a #Marketing Junkie

I know, this may sound like a blog article that comes straight from a marketing workshop... but it really isn't. Let me begin by stating, marketing was not a career I originally thought of when I entered college way back in the dark ages. However, after nine years of being in broadcast television, I realized that I was actually a marketer and didn't know it. Funny how that happens. If you asked me back then if I would end up in marketing as a career, I would have told you you're nuts. Guess what? You're not so nuts after all. Marketing is a wonderful discipline. If I had to start all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Yes, I would still end up in marketing and still write an article like I am now. Here we go...

The #Marketing Junkie Reasons:

Creativity: I absolutely love to think creative and be creative. This comes in many forms from thinking to doing. I have seen and worked with many creative people in my career and every one of them have inspired me to be creative myself.

Intellectual Curiosity: Marketers have an insatiable curiosity. Let's face it, we're smart people who want to be even smarter. I guess that's because we are trained to be that way for our job. If our marketing isn't working, we want to make it work and be smarter about how we do it. Being smart is organic to our occupation.

Create Something From Nothing: Like an artist, a marketer likes to create. We do this through words, sounds, videos, pictures, interactivity and so much more. We are wired this way and always strive to create something new and different.

Be Innovative: This stems from our genes that make us want to be creative and to create. This sounds like it's all the same thing, but it's not. Being innovative is really our desire to do something completely different than our competition. As marketers, we like to poke, push and stretch the boundaries of what's considered normal, and make it behave differently. Being innovative is really a badge of honor marketers really want. At least I do anyway.

Technology: This is one of the hardest components of marketing to grapple with, yet one of the most rewarding and fun. Technology has changed so much over the years and it has also permeated everything a marketer does from design to content creation, metrics and distribution. I love it, and continue to enjoy the journey of learning more about how technology is making my career in marketing more effective, measurable, creative, diverse in distribution and dare I say frustrating too.

Media: Marketers now have more media channels to work with than ever before. Media helps us tell the story more effectively and also reach more people faster. Let's face it, media is fun to use and fun to manipulate. It's fun to watch our customers interact with media as they become our brand advocates.

Tell A Story: Ever since I was a kid, I loved hearing stories. From the earliest memories I can recall my grandfather telling me stories. I really think that kindled my own love for telling a brand's story. Whether I am writing, producing video, website content, emails, landing pages, print articles or anything else, I love to tell stories. To this I owe it to my grandfather.

If you're currently a marketer, you probably fully understand the 7 reasons why I am a marketing junkie. If you're not a marketer, you may never understand. Being a marketing professional means I always live, eat and sleep marketing. It's an immersive experience that never leaves you. Why? Because you may find yourself always thinking about it, living it and experiencing marketing because it surrounds us every day. It's not like being an in another industry. Marketing is everywhere. It permeates every culture, every industry, and every media channel. I can't leave the house without experiencing a marketing message somewhere. I happen to love this because I am always immersed in the life of marketing. It helps me to be a better student of my own industry. Now you know what makes me tick and drives me to love marketing. Yes, I am a complete marketing junkie and I will never change. All of you out there who publish content like this blog just end up fueling my desire to learn more, be more creative and innovative as well as be the best marketer I can be. To that I say thank you.