01/05/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Friday the 13th trailer goes online

The official streaming version is at Yahoo. It seems like they're pretty much ditching the whole concept of a working summer camp amidst the carnage. That's unfortunate, since it always allowed for stupid summer camp humor in between the slicing and dicing. Really, this looks like a completely generic zero-budget HDV 'kids play in the woods and get butchered' horror film, the kind of thing that Lionsgate used to put out on DVD with regularity. Just because the thing is shot on film and contains actual production values doesn't automatically make it that much better than any number of $2 dollar cheapies. On the other hand, I did like Marcus Nispel's Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (and I loved the prequel), so we'll see. Again, like I've stated before, it's not like they have an uphill battle to improve on the original. To quote Mr. LaFontaine in the trailer for the original, I may only see it once, but that will be enough. Oh, for comparison's sake, here's the original Friday the 13th trailer, voiced by the legendary, late Don LaFontaine. Pathetically, the 1980 trailer actually looks scarier.

Scott Mendelson