12/08/2010 01:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 13

  1. Albert Haynesworth makes Derek Jeter look like the double rainbow guy.
  2. San Diego must watch Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde as a team before each game.
  3. After figuratively kicking Rex Ryan in the ass, Bill Belichick was able to resist the urge to do so literally during the post-game handshake.
  4. Brett Favre is the football equivalent of a cockroach.
  5. If Josh McDaniels is fortunate enough to get another NFL head coaching job, he may want to reconsider his strategy of alienating and trading away his best players.
  6. It's still an unconfirmed rumor, but apparently Peyton Manning is human.
  7. It's still an unconfirmed rumor, but apparently Peyton Hillis is not human.
  8. Dez Bryant doesn't have to worry any more about carrying Roy Williams' shoulder pads.
  9. The Cardinals' performance this season may be the strongest argument for Kurt Warner's Hall of Fame candidacy.
  10. Sometime soon someone is going to be decapitated during a Steelers-Ravens game, and play will resume after a brief timeout.