03/29/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice: Now Officially a Sitcom!

Just when you thought your 2009 was going to be Trump-free...the second edition of The Celebrity Apprentice starts on Sunday night, because, well, I don't know why NBC has trotted the Trumps back out, but I'm almost compelled to watch this.

Why not have a silly rich man who's always going bankrupt while claiming to have the "#1 show in America" even though that's not true, playing pretend boss to a silly sparkly comedian who thinks the time-space continuum stopped in 1989 because he's still on TV saying he's the "#1 comedian in America"?! Yes, my friends. This shall be meta. It's a comedy-heavy Apprentice, with Andrew Dice Clay, Tom Green and Joan Rivers, not to mention some "celebrities" who themselves are "jokes." Dennis Rodman is laughing at himself in the first episode for making yet another bad life decision. There is a Kardashian. And a Deal or No Deal suitcase holder. It sounds like I am making this up but, sadly, no. Someone else thought this up and put it on our televisions and Internets for all of the world to see.

Did I mention they're competing by gender, and Trumpy McTrumperson says their first task is making cupcakes? Tune in March 1 and tells me all about it! Roll the clip: