09/20/2010 03:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

You Are Magnificent

Standing, thinking, operating or doing in any way with the sense of existing entirely as a separate entity is suicide to the presence of rhythm, is illusory attachment to the separate self -- is all fine and is part of the path of evolutionary life. Yet it is an arduous path towards play. The nature of existence is to BE fully present without thinking: Zen. We've already died, and so we only risk not being here, now.

From the inside-out it's separateness in aloneness; from the outside-in it's separateness in amusement; from throughout it's apprehension and the emergence of duality. BUT before it all, or rather, beyond it all, it's inevitably and undeniably ALL ONENESS, forever.

And the only way to live forever, or give birth to forever, is to be part of a method that lasts forever: growth. And that thing is not made with timidness or apathy or conventionalism -- it must be courageous. It must be a reach, and so seem to be beyond pragmatic sense. It is made with conviction, with vision, with passion, with faith, with love, and it is guided by something both within you and beyond you, and so therefore incalculable by you. It is intuited and it is your innermost being. And it is calling you to seize it now, beckoning you to heed to it, screaming your name -- the name of your eternal self -- to give rebirth to being by honoring it, by giving into it, by exploding out of your fingerprint, your propensity -- take hold, scare yourself, drive it, risk it, love it, be it, believe it.

You never get to the star you focus on anyway; its light doesn't even actually exist as you see it, but it's enough to guide you. It's your path, your groove -- and then when the complete focus of your entire being is harnessed with love, in thought, action and creativity; MAGNIFICENCE. And then you are that light - radiant, driving, guiding, shining ... into eternity.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
-- John Lennon

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