11/12/2012 04:16 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2013

5 Hikes in Malibu Creek State Park (PHOTOS)

Malibu might be known for its beaches, but you should trade your wet suit for hiking boots to enjoy Malibu Creek State Park. The park protects over 7,000 acres of craggy rocks, oak woodlands, and grassy hillsides in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. A variety of short and long hikes within the park lead to pools, peaks, lake views, and even famous film sets.

Before becoming a state park, Malibu Creek was a Twentieth Century Fox filming ranch. Graced by unique landscapes, the ranch was a popular backdrop during the early days of Hollywood, and the state park still makes cameos in TV and movies. The park's best-known role was its portrayal of South Korea on M*A*S*H. In fact, the park has preserved the location where the movie and television show were filmed, looking after old vehicles while setting up picnic tables and signs to make the M*A*S*H set an interesting and popular hiking destination. On other trails in Malibu Creek State Park, hikers can find beautiful scenery and solitude.

5 hikes in Malibu Creek State Park