03/27/2012 10:43 am ET Updated May 27, 2012

The Burn Victims of Pakistan

She gave up...

She had to...

She fought for justice for twelve years, but finally she gave up...

She should have...
She had to...

I still remember that morning of 15th May 2000, when I read about her in a newspaper, saw her terrible condition in photos, and prayed for her death, as in this Islamic Democracy of Pakistan, I could not hope for any miracle for her.

As who would give justice to a woman, who belonged to Napier Road?

These incidents rather are lesson for such women, who dream to lead a respectable life and attempt to marry a respected man. No matter if, third or fourth, but one should appreciate that a whore has become a legal wife.

I, therefore, forgotten her in few months. Her name went out of memory, like other unimportant things, however, she again came under headlines when Bilal Khar released on bail in 2003. The private media channels gave her coverage, and I wondered, that why that crazy girl still hoping for justice?

And this happened, she never found justice, and women like her kept facing more burns, Mukhtaran Mayi was raped, many others too, who were not lucky enough to find even a sub line in any newspaper. Some of them persuaded but even then disappeared in the files of active judiciary. Media, however, played a vital role, like for finding of a dancer Sapna, who also disappeared after getting divorce by another feudal. But nothing happened, neither it can be.

However, our parliament did pass a bill in 2012, which has become a law after assent of Senate and later from president Zardari. However, to give a tribute to this law, next day a woman again burnt by acid, another killed as Kari by her brother and the show continues. What a great implementation of the law, to give rights to victims against acid burning and sexual harassment.

Therefore, what a great joke it would be, if women continue to hope for the miracles that these defendants would get death penalty, in the country, where more than half of the men take it as their right to beat their wives, daughters, or sisters. Who cares, that it is not the right given by any constitution or religion. Where anyone can throw an acid and then run away, or even if he is caught, a clever lawyer can get him out of bail, and then the victim either runs through the courts for years or commit suicide like Fakhra. As miracles, do not happen in reality. Where police officers are responsible for raping schoolgirls, where politicians are free to take any woman as granted and then do whatever they want. Where even a highly educated woman is a victim of domestic violence, where women, who fight for their rights, are! (Readers may know or guess that what word should be there to fill these blanks.)

Where 90% of husbands beat their wives, no matter what social status, even these human right activists would never complain. As what society would say that her husband also beats her too? Where abusing, slapping or punching a woman is not even a considerable issue, but a common thing. Where complaining for rape or violence or sexual harassment either is an attempt to lose your dignity or is taken as a cheap and quick way to get money and fame, or to get asylum in European countries. Where women have taken as their destiny to tolerate the sexual harassment as a part of normal life, no matter that they are a lower middle class receptionists, a high class business icon, an actress, or an active member of any political party, because can anyone imagine that a woman party worker could make a complaint against her party leader or official.

Can anyone think that such accused like Bilal Khar or Khosa will get any conviction by our judicial system?

We are the citizens of the country, where "Paisa bolta hai" (Money talks), where victims sell their property pay money to get the justice done, and defendants throw money to get it delayed.

Therefore, can, we find justice? Where the easiest way to get rid of troubles is to commit suicide like Fakhra did.

Therefore, she did right, she absolutely did right. I only wonder, that how could she fight for 12 long years, she should have done it a long ago.

As victims will continue to be burned, raped, or killed, by these barbarians, and if someone survives, then the betterment for their own safety and respect is to keep quiet or to commit suicide, as the bill is only to present a softer image of Pakistan and then to get aid. It has nothing to do with the justice. Our chief justice is only to see NRO and disqualify officials; he has nothing to do with the speedy justice. so the lower judiciary is free to keep cases pending for decades, Where if some woman like Sharmeen, gets Oscar, is rightly to be ridiculed by majority of the media and civil society that she has rather brought defame for the country for showing dirty laundry to the world.

Therefore, why one should worry for this woman and her note: "I am ending my life as a protest for injustice done with women like me."

She had to give up; she had to commit suicide, as that was the only way to escape the miseries.

Therefore, rest in peace Fakhra, you finally found peace.