06/27/2011 04:12 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful

Do you allow the world to dictate your perception or do you think outside of the box? It's time to do things differently than what we've been told. What happened to the geniuses, masterminds, inventors, and leaders -- where are all the Renaissance men and women? Are they only found at Burning Man or some local convention? Or are they all around you, waiting for someone to believe in them so that they too can make their mark upon society?

Did you come here to lock yourself up and hide away from the world and all of its problems? Hiding yourself and your voice away from the masses is self-imprisonment. Everything you need to become the inventor, the genius, the architect, the poet, the dreamer has always been right there with you. The power is just waiting on you to stop playing the game and be who you are. Everything in your life experience up until now has been your training. Can you not hear the hero's call?

Do you stand alone or with the greater population of people? Out of those people, whom do you stand with? The signs are there, asking you to step up and stand for something. Look at that uncomfortable feeling you get when you look at the world and see that it's not all perfect -- it's deep inside your gut and can manifest as sadness, disappointment or frustration. Try to identify what you're most afraid of -- that's the very thing you should working on, the part of you that needs to heal and transform. When people say they don't know why they are here, I respond by telling them that's a fool's tale. We all know why we're here. We may not want to admit it, but deep inside, each and every one of us knows.

When we look at something that stirs our emotions and makes us uncomfortable, we often try to act like it doesn't exist so we can avoid feeling the pain. We should not run from whatever it is, we should embrace it! Facing the very reason why you came here results in pure, unadulterated liberation. Make the choice to stand for something that you believe in -- this stance will ultimately heal the pain that you're hiding from. We are all here to do something great, so take this chance to make a difference.