06/26/2013 02:57 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2013

Truth Exposed: Is Volunteering Sexy?

An excerpt from one of my latest keynotes:

Okay. Here's the truth. You ready?

Not every volunteer experience is sexy. But, when you find a charity or cause or opportunity that you feel really connected to, you'd be surprised how deep your relationship can get.

It's just like asking someone out on a date. You have to be willing to take chances, put yourself out there, and just be the best darn person you can be! When it's the right fit, you're golden.

...When it's not the right fit, well, then we go turn on our favourite romantic comedy, eat a tub of ice cream, cry a little...and then start again.

No matter what though, you have to remember that you never know how something might turn out until you try it. And it's up to you to make the first move. When it doesn't work out, don't give up. Try something else. Something a little different. Eventually, I promise you'll find exactly what you are looking for.

I believe that true happiness lies in saying "count me in" and getting involved. But not getting involved in just any old activity or project -- getting involved in something that is meaningful, and truly means something to you. It may not be meaningful to your best friend, or your mom, or your dad, or your brother or sister -- but it has to be meaningful to you! And here's a big disclaimer -- you may not find that thing that's meaningful to you right away. But you have to start looking or else you'll never find it! I'm going to make you a promise -- If you do try all sorts of different things, somewhere along the line you're going to stumble upon your thing. That thing that fills you up inside. That thing that fills in the missing piece of your puzzle.

Many people underestimate the power teens have to make a real impact on the world. No matter how many amazing kids I meet, I always seem to find myself pleasantly surprised by so many young leaders, and the mind blowing things they have already done, proving that age really is just a number. And they all have one thing in common -- they have found their thing. And they found it by getting involved, trying new things, and putting themselves out there. So let's all learn a valuable lesson from kids, right here, right now. Not every experience you have is going to be fun, or enjoyable or sexy. But eventually, you're going to find your perfect match. Just start looking. Get involved. What are you waiting for?

Ready. Set. Go!