Shockey of Love: The Saints' Tight End Launches Dating Contest

Forget those suited up saps on The Bachelor. If you've ever wanted to compete for a shot to date a real man -- I'm talking tattoos and back sweat, the whole works -- then now is your chance, gals. Jeremy Shockey is giving one lucky lady a chance to spend a night rubbing her fingers through his greasy, golden locks. I can't make this stuff up, people!

"Ok LADIES, here's the contest... Post a video on the "just fans" section of my fbk fan page explaining why u deserve to have me take u on a date 1 nite this offseason.... Contest ends sun night 4/18 at 8pm est.... Lets have fun w this so be creative but just be careful its not too inappropriate where fbk deletes it!! good luck!!!"

Oh, one can only imagine the sort of skantastic responses he'll get to this one. I'm guessing there will be plenty of lingerie clad groupies, babbling bimbos, and a potpourri of bad football puns of the "I can't wait to sack you" and the "Will you be my tight end" variety. Anybody wanna place bets on the percentage of video vixens who will show up wearing just Shockey's jersey and no pants? I'm thinking somewhere in the 90-plus range.

The announcement of the contest alone generated more than 300 responses within one day, some of which included debate over whether it's appropriate for married women to enter the contest. Sigh... Some ladies have already lowered the bar sweetened the pot by declaring themselves a 'cheap date.' I mean, you've got to imagine this is gonna be much less The Bachelor and much more For the Love of Ray J.

If you want to keep up with the contest, you can check out the "Just Fans" section of Shockey's wall. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to fire up the Flip-Cam! ;)