03/20/2014 08:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Things to Give Up Right Now If You Want to Be Happy

As spring kicks in, seasons change and sometimes habits do as well. I started a personal fear cleanse and completely overhauled my life, starting with removing thought patterns, people and habits that no longer serve me. The results have been tremendous. I have lost weight, gained self-confidence and self-love. My career is flourishing, and I am more present and peaceful in every area of my life. This "fear detox" started with the removal of 10 things that were holding me back.

If you want to be happy and healthy consider giving up these 10 things now.

1. Believing other people's opinions of you matter:
What other people say to you or about you has nothing to do with you. The only thing you need to focus on is your own opinion of yourself, and work on making it a great one.


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2. Thinking that you are a noun:
You are more than just your job title, the number on the scale, or your relationship status. Start celebrating you, for all of your fascinating traits, habits, qualities and unique layers.


3. Talking badly about yourself to yourself and others:

Start to see yourself the way your furry friend sees you. You are perfect just as you are.


4. Giving up on your dreams too soon:
Life is way too short for you to settle. Your dreams matter. Follow the nudges from your heart, you won't regret it.


5. Focusing on the reasons instead of results:
Stop wasting time thinking about how or why it won't work and start to look at the tangible results. When we can appreciate the good we get more good.


6. Working too hard:
If you are working too hard you might not trust the process. Stop trying so hard to make things happen and start playing more. You may blow yourself away when you see how productive you become.


7. Comparing yourself to others:
Stop comparing yourself to others because there is only one of you.


8. Setting others success as your benchmark:
If you are looking to others for what is possible you are limiting yourself. Dream even bigger and give yourself permission to soar.


9. Ignoring your body's needs:
Is it time for a detox? Do you want to go to the gym? Your body is always talking to you, check in often and ask yourself what it needs and listen to it.


10. Settling:
Stop settling and accepting only what you think you can get. It is time to own your true worth and step up to the plate called your life. Don't settle for anything, anyone or any place. Your future self will thank you. Repeat this manta: "I do not settle."