04/26/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Palin Appoints "W.A.R."

Governor Palin nominated Wayne Anthony Ross as the new attorney general. Talis Colberg had resigned February 9, just days after the State Senate had found Todd Palin and Palin's aides in contempt for ignoring subpoenas during the Branchflower/Troopergate investigation.

W.A. Ross, who drives around Anchorage in his Hummer with the license plate "WAR", is less than savory to those who value free speech. In 2003, Ross defended Jeff Webster of Soldotna, Alaska. Webster had dumped gallons of water on war protesters in freezing weather. The protesters wore black and held signs with pictures of soldiers in hospitals that read "Victims of War." Ross argued Webster was the victim of the protesters since his son was fighting in Iraq. Ross also advised former Representative Vic Kohring in his defense against corruption charges for taking bribes from Veco for his vote on oil tax legislation.

In a 2003 letter to incumbent Mayor George Wuerch, Ross "broke up" with his friend because Wuerch refused to help a friend get into the Anchorage Fire Department. WAR's friend failed a psychological test needed to qualify and Ross had gone to the mayor to grease the wheels.
"I asked for your help in getting (the friend) another psych test and assistance in getting aboard the fire department," Ross wrote. He continued: "Instead of your help, I got a snotty letter from (municipal attorney) Bill Greene."
Wuerch said Ross ' request was inappropriate which is a nice way of saying "WTF?" The mayor said, "He basically wanted me to get his friend into the fire department. I can't do that."
A 2003 ADN post called "campaign notebook" went on to explain WAR's follow up for his friend: "Ross said he wanted the mayor to correct a discriminatory psychological exam. Ross has filed a federal lawsuit against the city on behalf of his friend and several other applicants turned away from the Anchorage Fire Department. He said that among the grounds for the lawsuit were questions asked about alcohol use, which he says violate the Americans With Disabilities Act. " Wow, what a peach! I'd love to have a mentally ill, drunk fireman forget to pull me out of a fire.

Ross, an anti-choice advocate and NRA official, is a blatant panderer to the base Sarah Palin is hoping to woo in the 2012 election. Her statements at the local Republican dinner this past weekend bellyaching about not having a McCain campaigner to pray with have gone national. Her need for a prayer assistant is reminiscent of the Pharisees and Sadusees warning from the book of Matthew.

Palin's pandering to her national "religeous base" is hurting Alaska. W.A.R. is not an appropriate choice for attorney general...he's a sound bite.