08/28/2015 11:39 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2016

28 Moms You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram is often how I start my day, and before you judge me for being on my phone let me explain...

I don't watch the morning news that is filled will negativity and shocking stories. I scroll peacefully through my Instagram feed "liking" along the way.

Like. Like. Like.

Beautiful colors. Adorable kids. Inspiring photography.

Like. Like. Like.

My Instagram feed makes me feel happy, inspired, and uplifted. It gives me new ideas for photographing my life, and reminds me to appreciate the little moments.

But I have made it a point to make my Instagram feed a place of positivity.

I make sure that my feed is not filled with dark and blurry pictures, advertisements, giveaway opportunities, reposted quotes, or negative messages. I make sure that I love almost every picture that pops up because why not?

If I don't find the photos appealing or inspiring in some way or another I just unfollow.

No hard feelings. It doesn't mean that I don't like you as a person. But it means that I prefer to fill my time with images that put me in a better mood or allow me to walk away feeling uplifted.

It's not like Facebook where people can obviously tell if you haven't followed them. Facebook is my place to catch up with friends and family for me. Instagram is my happy place.

I love seeing beauty in childhood around the world. I love seeing the small moments and the big ones. I love seeing happiness.

I don't think the "perfect" people on Instagram are bragging. I don't think that they are shoving it in my face. I love seeing the beauty in their everyday lives (even if I have the occasional pang of jealousy over the moms that live on the beach).

So my challenge to you is to bring a little more positivity into your everyday life and unfollow the negativity...


Here are 28 awesome, uplifting, and real moms you should be following on Instagram (myself included of course).


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