05/04/2012 06:22 pm ET Updated Jul 04, 2012

Brian McNaughty

Brian Mcknight, sit yo ass down! This attempted come back and "Adult Mixtape" was an epic fail! There isn't anything wrong with trying to re-invent your image or sound but this is just down right terrible. "Let me show you how your pussy works??" Seriously? These lyrics from one of the best singer/songwriters of our era? I'm ashamed of you, Brian. Although I'm extremely thankful for the lifetime of laughter your viral video has provided me, HA!

The desperation to sell records is at an all time high but you can try harder bro. This song couldn't be worse if you added rap verses and auto tunes. It sounds like your 1992 hit "One Last Cry"... if Uncle Luke rewrote the lyrics. Your music was already certified baby making material there's no need to be X-rated. Its tacky, classless, and coming from you, Mr. McKnight, just feels
wrong. You added insult to injury by claiming the song was merely a "parody," and blaming it on the boredom of being immobilized by an achilles injury. Please spare us the lame excuses, this was undoubtedly a serious attempt at a comeback. The sad part is that with the current state of R&B you'd probably be rather successful if you just stayed in your lane.

In this age of techno-pop and Rap&B, some classic Brian McKnight would be quite refreshing. Unless you're making an appearance on Saturday Night Live in the near future this should be the first and last release from your "Adult Mixtape." I'm sorry but a "Brian McKnight Mixtape" sounds like an oxymoron in itself. You're a legend dude, don't tarnish your legacy with the likes of this.