03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why Aren't Musicians Coming Out of the Closet for National Equality March?

In the midst of Katy Perry and Russell Brand's romance, Frances Bean Cobain's hate-tweets to Ali Lohan, and Beyonce's defense of Kanye, Lady Gaga is headed to Washington D.C. this weekend for Sunday's National Equality March. The Broadway production of Hair will also be there (they are canceling their Sunday matinee to allow the cast an opportunity to march).

How come no love from anyone else in the musical community? I'm not hearing of any other big names coming out of the closet to support the cause. Where's Adam Lambert? Elton John (okay, he has a plausible excuse; he's not American)? Rufus Wainwright? Barbra Streisand? MELISSA ETHERIDGE? Am I missing something here? Is there some gay all-star concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that I overlooked?

My respect to Lady Gaga for getting out front and putting her money where her Kermit dress is. And to the rest of you Prius-driving-African-baby-adopting-global-warming-tribute concert-addicted musicians: get to D.C. and support your gay brothers and sisters.

In the absence of any other star power, the weekend's main event will be President Obama. He's giving what's being billed as his "big gay speech" at a black-tie event on the eve of the march (sponsored by Human Rights Campaign). The gay community is hoping Obama will finally support them with real change they believe in. So far, he hasn't delivered much.

I support equal rights for all. How can I not? Where else in the world can a black man write about his love of the cowbell and get regular hate mail from punk fans and KISS Army members alike? This is a great country and it's time we let everyone share the same dreams.

Unfortunately, I can't make it to the march but I made this gallery of my favorite gay (and rumored to be gay) celebrities. May I also point you to my pioneering blog post on gay rock pioneers? Consider it my contribution to the cause. Hey, it's what I do. No thanks necessary.

Power to the people! All of 'em!

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