04/26/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Diane Chambers Bracket -- Sweet Sixteen Edition

Well gang, my tried and true method for picking teams has proven...respectable over the course of the past two rounds. Click here for my Round 2 picks. Click here for Round 1 picks.

"But Shawna," you ask, "How do I pick the Sweet Sixteen?" Never fear! I am back with a fresh round of animal-based insight and analysis. Without further ado, your sweet sixteen:

Louisville vs. Arizona - Numerically an upset, animalytically (yep, I just made that up) this is the easiest of the games to pick. Wildcats are fast, wildcats are fierce, wildcats are furious. Cardinals are very bright shades of red. Forgive me a bit of an anti-bird bias, but Arizona should win this handily.

Kansas vs. Michigan State - Although no secret if you've read my first two brackets, I am a huge fan of the animal that is a Spartan. Frankly I am surprised that a Jayhawk survived its first two tussles. Rock...Chalk....but no more squawk. Enjoy your Elite 8 Michigan State.

Connecticut vs. Purdue - Forgive me PETA, but the Huskies are not going to come out of a fight against the ferocious Boilermakers. Their ability to work together as a pack has certainly carried them an impressive distance, but the Boilermakers have taken out a group of Panthers and a matching set of Huskies from Washington. This is just another day in the Boilermaker office.

Missouri vs. Memphis - Tiger on Tiger violence! Oh the horror. Mizzou had an easier road, in that they fought a color. The Cornell Big Red couldn't have slowed down a tiger much....and even though Memphis played a turtle last round, as we have recently learned, turtles have heart. Advantage, Mizzou.

Pittsburgh vs. Xavier - Man versus catlike beast in forty minutes of caged fury. Weapons are nice, but Panthers are vicious creatures. Expect the fur to fly and the victory to go to Pittsburgh.

Duke vs. Villanova - The Blue Devils. Epitome of evil, and cerulean tinged flame, with wicked chin beards. Villanova? That's a Villa-No. My prediction is no less than the floors opening up, fire engulfing the poor wildcats, and a handy victory for all things Biblically Evil.

North Carolina vs. Gonzaga - The Tarheels have an impressive amount of fight in them for what they are...which is vague and shifty mythology. However, Bulldogs are renowned for their stick-to-itiveness and ferocity, I'm going dog in an upset.

Syracuse Vs. Oklahoma - Orangemen...who knew the power of the color Orange? Not I, said the Diane Chambers Legal Expert. The Sooners will be forced to yield their tournament dreams to the determined efforts of a bright color. I don't claim to understand this method, I just know that it is.

Until the Elite Eight, I'm Shawna Vercher, reminding you to have your pets spayed and neutered...or just wait for the Spartans to do it for you :)