12/05/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

FL Already a Hotbed of Voting Problems

A quick glance at what is currently being reported from across the state:

Tampa, FL - Special "Emergency" Ballot Box Created On the Spot
All ballots at a particular polling place were rejected by the optical scan machines. Technical Support was called but was unable to remedy the problem, believing the issue to be "defective ballots". The Supervisor of Elections created an "Emergency" ballot box where the ballots would be counted by hand at the end of the night. One of many issues causing concern is that the Supervisor of Elections is up for reelection on those very ballots.

Augusta, FL - Optical Machines Replaced with "Trust Us"?
Just moments after the polls opened the voting machines were not working properly to accept votes. Voters were given a choice - come back later or trust poll workers to enter their votes later.

Boca Raton, FL - Every Person For Themselves
Among hundreds waiting in line to vote, rumors of computer glitches caused the back of the line to disperse. That and a lack of poll workers to assist special needs voters creates an environment of "complete chaos".

Florida Absentees - Voters Still Chasing Down Their Ballots
With average hold times of well over an hour in the weeks leading up to the election, numerous Floridians feel "truly let down" as incomplete or lost registrations, system glitches and address issues prevent them from receiving their absentee ballots by mail.

Statewide - Felon Voter Rights Not Yet Restored
Despite a law passed by Governor Christ restoring the constitutional right to vote for felons, several felons have been told that there was "not enough time" to process their voter registration before this election.

Special thanks to the Election Protection coalition for providing much of this information. This non-partisan organization will continue to provide updates throughout the day.

UPDATE 4:07pm:
Tampa, FL - Voters Not Provided with a Full Ballot
An affiliated blog of the St. Petersburg Times reports that hundreds of voters in the Tampa area were only provided with the first page of the two-page ballot. The issue was reported by a voter that noticed that the second page was missing and corrected by officials. No word yet on what steps, if any, will be taken to remedy the situation for those that had already cast their votes.

UPDATE 4:15pm:
CNN is reporting that over three thousand calls have been logged with Florida voting problems already. Nearly ten percent of all complaint calls logged for the country are from Florida.

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