06/01/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

iPad Apps Hit iTunes Store

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The iPad app store is now live in the iTunes store. Of the many available, NBC, CBS and Netflix are all offering free apps that will allow users to stream content on their iPad. The Netflix application will allow users to manage their accoun and stream any title from the Netflix Watch Instantly library. The new app could signal that a similar app for the iPhone and iTouch may not be far off.

While content providers are making free apps available, the price of many apps for the iPad is significantly higher than for the iPhone. Popular games like Scrabble and Tetris can cost users up to $9.99. While new apps are not cheap, iPad users will be able to sync their iPhone apps to the new device free of charge.

In celebrating April Fool's Day, Google temporarily changed its name to Topeka. The move comes shortly after Topeka, Kansas changed its name to Google in an attempt to woo the company intro building its new high speed broadband network in its town. However, Google was quick to note that the prank had no effect on its broadband project, and that no city has yet to have been chosen.

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