03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Survey Says 1/3 Teenagers are 'Sexting': MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 4, 2009

A new survey reports that 1/3 of teens have engaged in the new form of sexual communication known as 'sexting.' While many are sending risque text messages, many others are sending nude pictures to each other online, with 61% of those surveyed saying they were pressured into sexting. The most frightening statistic is that 29% said that they sent naked pictures to someone online they did not know in real life.

A new application is helping users find available parking in crowded cities. Spotswitch, a free application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, alerts users to spots that are opening up in their vacinity, going as far as telling the user the color and make of the car leaving a specific spot. Brian Choi, the developer of Spotswitch, plans to roll out the new application to other smart phones in the future.

Google has updated the Chrome website as it prepares to launch the browser for Apple computers. The site now reads Mac OS X Roadmap and notes that the Chrome will roll out in Beta shortly. While no exact date has been announced, Google says it has a release date. While the browser has been available for Windows and Linux users for quite some time, it's availability on Mac computers could boost its popularity.

A new microchip by Marvel is powering the Entourage Edge, the world's first Dualbook. The Dualbook, as its name suggests, is a clam shell tablet device that will reportedly bring users "HD-quality video and 3-D graphics." The device, whose retail value is unknown, will reportedly hit the market in early 2010.

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