07/16/2009 09:09 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Twitter Hacked Through Google Apps: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer July 16, 2009

Twitter users have experienced hacks in their account that have been penetrated through Google Apps. Google's Gmail, Docs & Spreadsheets, Calendar are accessible through Twitter, however, for the third time this year, a hacker has received access to a Twitter account after figuring out a Gmail password. Not only that but the hacker received access to all confidential company information stored Twitter's shared folders.

Apple has disabled iTunes syncing capabilities for the Palm Pre. Palm noted that one of the Pre's greatest powers was its ability to run iTunes. While iTunes was available through a widely known hack, Apple's latest update of the iTunes software kills compatibility with the Pre.

Microsoft plans to open retail stores in the fall. Not only that, but the folks at Redmond plan on opening them "right next door to Apple stores." The opening of the new Microsoft stores will coincide with the release of Windows 7.

Dreamwork's studio raised $825 million after a 50% buyout from Indian businessman Anil Dhirubhai. Dhirubhai invested $325 million in Dreamworks, while Disney contributed $150 million and debt from a number of banks accounted for the rest of the injection. Dreamwork's hopes the investment will allow it to produce 5-6 films a year.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince shattered the midnight opening box office record earning $22.2 million the other night. While the final Harry Potter film earned more than $5 million more than The Dark Knight, previous midnight opening record holder, earned, analysts believe the Potter franchise is strong enough where the film could break worldwide box office records.

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