12/04/2012 11:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gifts for the Traveling Kid

Who says you can't take it with you? This year, kids on the go have a whole host of amazing toys that can be packed easily and offer hours of fun.

Ok, you know the drill by now. You have to put away Words with Friends during take-off and landing. But wait-- if you get the Zynga Words with Friends Game to Go ($19.99), you can play anytime you want. Take that, American Airlines!

Kids are who afraid that they might suffer from Skylanders withdrawal if they have to leave their Xbox or Wii at home will be relieved to know that they can now enter the wonderful world of Skylanders on the go. Just grab the mobile portal, a few characters and download the mobile app and your iPad or iPhone will be can be transformed into a Skylanders' adventure ($49.99). And just because you are traveling doesn't mean you can't play with LEGOs. The Star Wars buildable galaxy sets cleverly use the planets of Yavin, Naboo and Death Star, among others, as a handy carrying case for Star War characters and their fighting machine, ($9.99). Lightweight, but still super annoying, The Annoying Orange Fresh Talking Target Game will turn any hotel room, or even your grandmother's living room, into a mini-game room that won't hurt the walls, ($19.99).

Younger kids on a long flight will love the new LeapPad 2 Explorer. This touch screen pad has over 300 apps and cartridges, a front and back camera and can also be used to read eBooks. The other great thing, while just as addictive as Angry Birds, the Explorer is educational! ($99.99). For children who like the idea of having their own laptops, the MobiGo2, another fun mobile device has a touch screen and a keyboard, a host of sound activated games and can also be transformed into an e-coloring book, ($49.99).

If your child has trouble sleeping in a new environment, bring along CloudB's Sleep Sheep on the Go. This cuddly stuffed animal is really a sound machine that pulls double duty by also soothing cranky adults with the sound of whale songs, flowing water and ocean waves ($24.99).

And parents who want to look super sleek carrying armfuls of toys are advised to check out Rimowa's new Salsa Air Multiwheel bag. It is exceedingly light -- just about four pounds -- can fit in the overhead bin and its 360 degree rolling wheels means it can maneuver beautifully as you are running for a flight or towards your loved ones ($475). Happy Holidays.