04/12/2012 06:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

American Idol Alum James Durbin Performs New Single "Right Behind You"

American Idol rocker James Durbin came by the What's Trending live to perform his new single "Right Behind You."

Before he performed, we chatted about how he got his love of rock, what fans can expect from him in the future, and his epic American Idol performance coming up Thursday night on Fox at 8/7C. For more info and to check out his new album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster go to

Where do his rock roots stem from?

"The first rock/heavy metal song I heard on the radio was Ronnie James Dio's Rainbow in the Dark. I think to hear something that was just so heavy, the music so heavy, but the vocals were so smooth... it just spoke to me. He just had such a booming voice, that just carried for days."

What can fans expect out of the new album?

"I really wanted to put a lot into my music, stuff that not just fans of metal and fans of Idol, I have such a wide fanbase, the Durbaniators, the Beautiful Disasters, and the Outcast Army... I'm blessed to have the fans that I have. They support me all the way... I just wanted to make music that my hardcore fans could enjoy and my mom could enjoy too."

What can people expect for the American Idol performance?

"I always tried to bring something that's never been done before on the show, so its going to be no different tomorrow night. We are literally doing something that's never been seen before on Idol."