03/09/2014 11:18 am ET Updated May 09, 2014

Grace Helbig On 'Camp Takota' Success and New TV Show

Grace Helbig stopped by the Samsung Blogger Lounge at South by Southwest today to talk about Camp Takota, her new TV show (for E!), going brunette and what it's like living without technology for a few nights in the woods.

"The story is loosely based on Mamrie Hart's real life. One summer she got dumped and didn't want to be around dick, so she became a camp counselor at the all girls summer camp near her camp."

She met with Michael Goldfine and made the movie within a year!

We asked her about the nickname, The Holy Trinity, for herself, Hannah, and Mamrie. "BuzzFeed gave us that name! I don't know. It feels very self-serving, but we'll take it."

And as best friends, it was exciting and even difficult to film certain scenes on camera together. "There's this one scene where we all get into this very real fight, and that was really weird to do with your friends. So they had to keep each of us in a separate area before that scene happened."

She also confirms that she has a new TV show in the works! "I'm working on a pilot for E! right now. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, it will be a pilot that kind of hybrids internet and television and uses the It's Grace tone but on an elevated level."

We'll be tuning in!

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