02/12/2013 05:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Workaholics -- The Office for the Next Generation? (Interview)

The writers and stars of Comedy Central's hilarious Workaholics -- Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm -- try out different varieties of delicious, mouth-watering baby food while wearing bibs and blindfolds. Because this is what we do on YouTube! See who can manage to guess what flavors they're eating, with help from this week's co-host Beth Hoyt of My Damn Channel.

The comedy trio also sat down with me to talk about the show's current third season and what fans can expect from upcoming episodes.

The guys started as an improv group and now are quickly moving their way up in on-screen, with their own TV show on air and movie in the works. Though they've proven themselves as talented script writers, they still improvise a portion of their show (34 percent to be exact). So, we asked them about being the process of being in character and what they've actually learned about telemarketing.

"Old people are easily robbable," says Adam DeVine -- who viewers might also recognize from "Pitch Perfect." "You can very easily trick an old lady into buying whatever you want."

The boys also insist that their show is not inspired by Office Space and The Office, but rather pop culture sensations along the lines of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Andy Samberg's The Lonely Island.

Keep your eyes out for future seasons and possible guest appearances from Jamie Foxx and an unrecognizable Daniel Day-Lewis.

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