08/28/2012 08:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

YouTube's Favorite Breakout Pop Duo, Karmin, Back in the Studio (VIDEO)

Karmin joined What's Trending over Google plus from their recording studio today to answer fans questions about their YouTube roots, a new upcoming album and big projects including a fashion line on the horizon!

Having risen to fame based on their unbelievable covers of chart-topping hits, Karmin pop duo Amy and Nick reveal that they're finally fleshing out a full version of their debut CD, Hello, after the EP launched earlier this year.

Now that the pair has transitioned from YouTube the top 10 charts, Amy offers a word of advice to up-and-comers who are pushing their music online: "Try and be as consistent as possible... creating an audience and having it grow with you and giving them content every week." She added, "We made sure to let all out our inhibitions go. I was afraid to start rapping and that turned out to be the missing piece of the blueprint."

A YouTube musician himself, Jackson Harris joined us in studio and asked Karmin how they set out to make covers their own, especially since they've tackled some very popular songs. Nick cited "Look At Me Now" as an example of a cover where they just changed a few key elements and make them stick. They kept the tempo the same but decided to sing the hook instead of rap it.

Amy chimed in to say, "And sometimes it's as simple as having a female sing a male song."

Superfan Melanie Young also joined the chat on Google+ Hangout to ask Karmin if they have any interests outside of music, such as film. While Amy expressed interests in clothing and fashion, the two wouldn't write off the concept of acting.

"We're thinking about different ideas for the future," Amy said excitedly including a fashion line. "And I know that's one of our YOLO's."

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