06/09/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Olivia Wilde Strips Her Shoes for TOMS, 1/4 Million People Join Her

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Celebrating TOMS One Day Without Shoes in Venice, Calif. (Credit: Shira Lazar)

When Blake Mycoskie created TOMS shoes in 2006, people thought he was crazy.

The concept behind it wasn't necessarily the most lucrative for him. He decided that for every shoe you buy, TOMS would donate one to a child in need. And so began their motto "One For One."

He was obviously on to something, because three years later, the company has continued to grow tremendously. Through their sales, they have been able to bring over 600,000 pairs of shoes to developing countries like Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Why shoes you might ask? Many children in these areas grow up barefoot. This puts them at risk of soil-transmitted diseases causing physical and cognitive harm and even hinders them from being able to attend schools and which also requires shoes.

Yesterday, they celebrated One Day Without Shoes, and had 1/4 million people spending their day without shoes in over 1,600 events around the world to raise awareness about the movement.

I joined Mycoskie and actress Olivia Wilde walking barefoot in Venice, Calif. to chat about the event and why supporting the cause around TOMS is so important.

"I've been wearing TOMS shoes since they came out," Wilde told me while marching barefoot. "They are my favorite shoes." As for the event, the "House" star said, "It's a creative way to raise awareness and I am really proud to be here."