07/12/2013 05:03 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2013

YouTube's "Summer Break" Reality Stars Talk Life In Front of The Camera & Crazy Tweets (WATCH)

The stars of YouTube's "Summer Break" reality series - Alex, Ray and Kostas - stop by the What's Trending studio to talk about their weirdest tweets, plans for college, prom dates and a breaking news announcement!

"It's the first time they've done something like this - a reality show on the Internet. It's something new. I like it a lot. It's very exciting," Ray says of working on the series.

"At first the cameras were a little weird to get used to, but once they're around all the time ... you just become yourself around the camera," Alex says of adjusting to the reality show experience. "You don't really change yourself in front of the camera."

But nowadays, being a reality star doesn't just mean being on camera all the time, but also integrating social media into many aspects of life. "It's weird to think people care about what we're doing and what's going on during our day," Alex says. "So we have to get used to tweeting all the time and Instagramming all the time."

That leads to some suggestive and inappropriate comments from viewers and fans, which also somehow leads to everyone in the studio asking each other to prom.

Fans would also love to know what happens to "Summer Break" when summer ends. "We'll keep tweeting and keep on with our social media lives but the show isn't going to be continuing once the school year starts," Alex says.

But wait! Kostas hits us with a breaking news announcement: "I've actually been thinking of starting a YouTube channel." Would you subscribe?

Finally, we put the reality stars in the hot seat by asking them to explain some of their weirdest, funniest, and most cryptic tweets.

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