01/11/2013 02:44 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Not-So-Common Courtesy

We have started to accept the unacceptable as the norm. Whether it is our politicians, our doctors, our pharmacists or even our neighbors, when did it become OK to do whatever you want and expect it be tolerated? It has been a gradual progression if you really think about it, and now it has just become a very unfortunate way of life.

People have no problem texting while walking down a crowded street, even if that means bumping in to multiple people and not apologizing. The worst part is, people aren't even phased by it, because rude is the new standard.

Your local pharmacist used to be someone you could trust and count on and ask for help. Most pharmacists won't even call your insurance company for routine matters now. Healthcare, in general, has become something of a do it yourself (DIY) situation, which is pretty much the one scenario you don't want to have to do it yourself... but that is next week's post.

If you've read any of my work, you know I'm a huge believer in focusing on the positive. I'm just starting to become concerned that we will run out of the positive if we keep giving out free passes. 'm particularly concerned that future generations are bearing witness to this behavior and thinking it is normal. Even if we teach them otherwise, then we become a "do as I say not as I do" generation because they see it everyday with their own eyes.

I'm not suggesting an uprising by any means, but I am saying that it is OK to hold people accountable for their behavior. Healthcare professionals are supposed to take care of you. That is the expectation and we, as patients, are not wrong to make that demand. Our politicians are here to protect us. Use them. Write to them. You voted for them. You are within your right to expect them to represent you well. As for the neighbors and rude people on the street, that is up to you, but I will always be considerate of others and expect the same. What kind of world are we living in if we are not all accountable for our actions? I know it sounds a little old-fashioned, but we live in a world of total anarchy at times, and if we can't be decent to each other and keep some of that basic common courtesy, how will we ever survive?