02/11/2013 05:23 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2013

Save Second Avenue Restaurants!

As a die hard New York and an obsessive foodie, I feel compelled to devote the occasional piece to a New York City restaurant. Particularly, those restaurants directly affected by the building of the 2nd Avenue subway. While I understand the value of the subway, I don't want to undervalue the struggling businesses in the area. It is the responsibility of the patrons to keep those great places that we love alive and thriving.

Many restaurants in the area have been forced to close because of the disruptions caused by the construction of the subway on 2nd Avenue. Sadly, some of those restaurants were staples in the community. I would like to take the time to highlight other such staples so they don't have the same fate.

Quite honestly, Firenze, located at 1594 2nd Avenue, is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. Regardless of the chaos caused by the subway scenario, this restaurant should be highlighted for its many virtues. It is a small, local place that one may easily walk by if they didn't know it was there but the food is delicious. The menu is lovely -- but hold out for the daily specials because they are always worth hearing! The dessert specials are equally impressive. My personal favorite is the strawberries flambe special dessert, which leaves me speechless every time.

Firenze is, by far, one of the more romantic spots on the Upper East Side. So, if you are looking for somewhere special to take that someone special this Valentine's Day, may I recommend this secluded, candlelit, cozy little slice of Italy in New York. Complete with charming wait staff fawning over you and home made after dinner drinks, this is the type of establishment that understands that dinner is more than a meal, it is truly a dining experience!