02/10/2014 10:18 am ET Updated Apr 12, 2014

What Type of Athlete Do You Want to Represent Your Country?

As a devout fan of the Olympics, I would never say anything to disrespect the games or any of its participants. However, I cannot help but observe a shift in the culture, albeit slight, thus far in these Olympic games.

Perhaps this shift can be attributed to the Twitterverse where athletes have taken to the sub-sport of inter-athlete "trash talk" or the sideways glances some have been caught giving each other on the podium. Whatever the origin of this speculation, there just seems to be a lot less of that good old-fashioned sportsmanship!

There are certainly exceptions to every rule. For the most part, people are gracious and supportive of one another. Yes, I realize it is a competition and they are all there because they are at the very top of their games but, as any good leader knows, when you are at the top you have a responsibility to set a good example. Children, in particular, look up to you and want to emulate your behaviors. Show them what it really means to be a champion. It means, win or lose, you hold your head high, represent yourself and your country well and congratulate your fellow athletes.

The Olympics are not just any sporting event. They mean a lot to the athletes, the coaches, the countries and the spectators as citizens of those countries. Represent your countries well and make them proud... and not just by bringing home a medal!