12/15/2013 05:32 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2014

Ode to My Graduating Daughter

Tomorrow my daughter will graduates from the University of West Florida, with a B.A. in International Affairs and a minor in Maritime Archaeology. Such a program!

She's a little redneck, a little nostalgia, she definitely rocks! She wants to become a diplomat and live a life of worldwide worth, she has all the traits of great leaders, she is opinioned, ambitious, and determined.

In a few months she will leave for Africa, joining the Peace Corps in their incredible program of education throughout countries in need. She will teach English for two and a half years in Burkina Faso, a French-speaking country, she learned the language from moi. So proud.

Africa was always a life-long dream, she dreamed of Africa as a child, has always shown interest in the culture, the people, the landscape. I want to think that my own love of archaeology, and more specifically Ethiopia, where I believe human life started, has something to do with her interest.

She is a very compassionate person and will do very well with young children, the pupils she will be in charge of in a remote African desert. She is a real American girl, with the smart phone and beach buddies, a surfer and an excellent horse rider. Maybe she will ride wild horses or camels someday, somewhere.

Despite living in a privileged country where liberty is acquired, she knows well about the struggle of less privileged. She will gently coach those in need of advice or just a simple word of consolation. She is great with children.

The graduating ceremony will mark the end of her four years of dependency and frustration at the school system, and she will be free to fly on her own wings. I know she'll fly far and high, she's my daughter. Zazie rocks!