8 Ways Youth Can Support Newtown

12/17/2012 09:29 am ET Updated Feb 16, 2013

"Newtown, you are not alone." - President Obama

People all over the world continue to send an outpouring of support to the community of Newtown, CT. While youth and teens may not have their own funds to contribute towards the cause, there are many other ways to support this community in need.

Lemonade Stand: Have a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate all the proceeds to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. Support the families that are impacted by this tragedy.

Write Your Local U.S. Representative: Mobilization is needed for gun control policy. It is important that the federal government develops a policy to limit gun ownership to prevent further tragedies. Start now to enact legislation. Find your U.S. Representative.

CNN iReport: What are your thoughts following the Newtown tragedy? Share your thoughts and tributes about the tragedy with CNN. They may include your thoughts in their coverage. Share your tributes to the victims here.

Wall of Love: Submit a message to the Wall of Love. This website was designed after the shooting. It aims to show those affected by the shooting how individuals throughout the world available to support them.

Make a Card and Send it to Sandy Hook Elementary School: Even young children can make and create cards to support the Newtown community.

Wear Green and White: Talk to your school principal and set up a fundraiser at school. Ask your friends to wear green and white for the day and donate $1 to the cause. Green and white are the school colors at Sandy Hook Elementary. This will help coordinate support for the community that has suffered from the tragedy.

Create a Tweet or Facebook Post: Continue to circulate images and words of hope to remind people of the support that exists for the Newtown community.

Create a Community Town Hall: Gather community members and discuss ways that we can make sure all schools are secure to limit the number of tragedies.

It's our responsibility to remember and honor the lives of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.