09/15/2014 01:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Evolve to Dissolve


A sign that we are evolving is that our negatives start to dissolve. We become more conscious of thoughts and feelings, more self-reflective, and our presence becomes softer. We become sensitized to the workings of our inner being and how its vibrations manifest the world of circumstances around us.

Consciousness has always been tricky to decode. None of us have ever seen consciousness but we know it exists inside each of us. When our attention is drawn towards evolving, our inner capacity of thinking on a more subtle and gentle level amplifies. Wisdom and compassion increases in our very own being; it is no longer something outside of us.

As time passes and we continue to use our evolved consciousness, we find it necessary to keep letting go of limited perceptions of ourselves and of others. What if each person became engaged in cultivating a vibration that resonates love, wisdom, peace and awesomeness? We would have the potential to create a fully evolved world. When we start to evolve ourselves at a time when everything around us is in flux or decline, many opportunities emerge to provide us with practice for maintaining our balance and inner harmony. And, when we dissolve the qualities that continuously bring us out of balance, such as anger, lust, greed, attachment, fear, and ego, we enter an elite group at the highest level of spiritual practice: survival of the spiritual fittest.

In an externally driven world, the fittest is the one who has the most physical stamina, is very self-serving, competitive, and downright disconnected from subtle feelings. For the spiritual warrior, however, the role is to amplify vibrations of love to such an extent that even amidst diversity it creates abundance for all to share. The spiritual warrior moves beyond surviving to thriving and uplifting others in the process.

We are grasping difficult learning curves and with the acceleration of technology we are learning to deal with these challenges at an increasingly rapid pace. If we don't evolve in consciousness, we will certainly become extinct. Our own vices within will destroy whatever wattage of light is left inside us. Perhaps, one of our greatest lessons of these times is to adapt towards an evolutionary state of consciousness or cease to exist.

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