06/13/2014 11:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Tilt


Do you ever get the feeling that we are at a tipping point? That we are simply one thought away from mayhem or harmony? What if we are? What could we begin to do differently? The most amazing part of the tipping point is that in it lies the most powerful opportunities to reawaken, at the soul level.

We are witnessing a significant decline in soul energy and beauty in our world. It is in such a state that recently, 200 young girls were abducted before our eyes and still remain in captivity, physically, mentally and emotionally. Is it finally time to begin to reverse our vice-driven state of awareness back to one of virtues and goodness? An interesting exercise to experiment with this idea is to mentally go back in time, noticing both your best moments and the dysfunctional ones. Then, slowly delete the dysfunctional moments, the ones that represented your own tipping point. What have you done to transform your personal mayhem and tilt it towards order and power? Really examine the scenes of your life, and those pivotal moments that shaped the direction you are in now. What was the base of your power? What mattered to you most? At what point did you observe yourself providing that brief glimpse of who you are and who you could be. Is your part clear to you? Because, when we are clear of who we are we never second guess what to think and what to say. We move with confidence and clarity. We are focused on a future by valuing our present.

Extend your tilt all the way to your final moment of this life. Imagine reviewing a whole lifetime of moments and choices. Pause. Is your tilt more towards your best that emerged in glimpses, or is it tilting towards mayhem?

I believe we all come here with the right intentions to make a positive contribution. It is up to us to determine what that is and how we will reach it, by understanding ourselves and realizing the positive steps that have gotten us here. What has worked and how has it shaped you and the lives of those around you? How can you amplify that and create a larger ripple of goodness?

Avoid copying someone else, make your own distinct imprint. Don't expect to get more than you give, or criticize the good steps others have taken. Stay in your lane, enjoy the view and love the journey. Support the tilt towards waking up and stay awake.

Cultivate a practice of turning inwards, noticing the original copy of the soul, who are you authentically. You will then be able to release a lot of aspects that are holding you back. If we are not balancing the scale, not paying attention, the possibility of our own mayhem increases. It's all a choice: "Will my life be based on peace and power, or mayhem and confusion?"

Some of us can take a whole lifetime to balance and recognize where we tilt; others are only a thought away. Where are you tilting?