04/17/2015 03:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Reasons Forcing Creative Time Into My Schedule Has Changed My Life Drastically

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1. When I suddenly became a single mother at 17 my creative time helped me out of some very dark moments. Putting the music on, sketching and creating helped me visualize my dreams and bring a smile to my face. Art changed my perspective and the scared feelings I had quickly turned into hope, joy and happiness. Honestly when I was a young single mother, I felt a bit lost. But those times I chose to paint and create, changed my path, changed my focus and literally lit me up inside. These feelings made it so much easier to visualize a better future.

2. Creativity in any form can help you express yourself onto paper, giving your visions value. When you see a creative project with your own eyes it is easier to see your own potential and beauty in what you have created. You can surprise yourself when you put your ideas onto paper, almost as if your creative brain has its own intuitive sense. I have created ideas, business ventures and started things because of something I sketched. The simple act of creating can be the first step to something beautiful in your life! Creativity is similar to writing your goals down; instead you have a colorful visual which can be a bit more stimulating to the eye and your mind. I also find the things you create can also transfer to sleeping hours and if you're lucky you might wake up the next day with an incredible idea after a day of creating.

3. The more creative time you set aside the more creative you become. Like any kind of muscle, the more you do it, the more you thrive. If you leave your creative side behind and forget about it, the inspiration will fade. If you let life get in the way of creative time, it can be tricky to find again. But if you keep it going and find the time weekly, it grows like a plant sitting in the window with the sun beaming down on it.


4. Sometimes creative time is just for you. It is your choice if you share it with the world. Going to a retreat, getting a pedicure is for you, the same goes for art! If you are struggling to do something for yourself it's so easy to grab a pen and paper, find a corner in the house and start creating, transport yourself.

5. Creativity can help you stay in the moment. As your hand holds the pencil the brain is focused on the motion. Creative time can be relaxing and a great escape from everyday stress. I find if I am in a bad mood and I choose to sit at the computer and write or sketch something, within a few minutes my mood is altered and I feel calm and happy. Creative time is a huge stress reliever, same as exercise.

6. If you own a business creativity can jump start inspiration, new ideas and can help you build your business happily. If part of your work life includes creative time, it can be a very happy rewarding time that has nothing to do with your bottom line, hustling or finances. I have had so many light bulb moments when I was just being in the moment, drawing some of my ideas out. Having sparks of inspiration through sketching can be invaluable to the development and success for your business.


7. When I was a stay-at-home mother, painting and drawing gave me joy everyday and an outlet just for me. For me personally it built up my self esteem and confidence. The more I sketched out my dreams, ideas, clothing designs, the more I felt my dreams were possible. My creative ideas were the stepping stones to building my lifestyle on my own terms. We all know being a mother is hard work and takes extreme focus with the kids, including even 15 minutes of creative time into your day can be a game changer.


8. Connection with others and doing art with your child or friend is another way to communicate with others without speaking. How often do we look at art and receive so much feeling from a painting or sculpture? When drawing with your child, it gives you a chance to bond and do something special together. When my son draws a picture, I can understand him more, through his art. When I was little my Dad included us in huge art projects and we spent the day painting and creating which also helped me feel more connected to my father. I ended up doing the same for my children and I find it has helped in my children's development in other areas, like reading and interpersonal skills.

Do you find time to be creative? Do you have any tips for others about finding more creative time? I would love to hear from you, lets chat, leave a comment.

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