10/09/2013 03:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Circo Loco's 'First Lady': Q&A With Tania Vulcano

It seemed unlikely when it debuted in 1999, but the infamous Circo Loco party at Ibiza's DC-10 has become an island institution, an international clubbing destination, and an iconic event that continues to expand and evolve. Every year, every Monday during the summer, thousands gather at this former airport hangar for a day-into-night session of hedonistic abandon, with two rooms of the world's most influential DJs playing for an exuberant crowd of underground music aficionados. It's a party that's served as a launchpad for massive careers for a number of it's ex-residents (notably Loco Dice and Luciano), with newer names (such as the Martinez Brothers) joining the fold.

But there's only a handful of DJs who have been there for the whole ride, and one of those is Tania Vulcano. She was one of Circo Loco's inaugural DJs, and has been part of the lineup for every year ever since. Born in Uruguay, and now a full-time Ibiza resident, Vulcano has been nicknamed the "First Lady of Circo Loco", a tremendously respected DJ who has served as one of the party's ambassadors. In Ibiza and at DC-10, she is a familiar face on the club's terrace room, a beacon of consistency whose own sets -- featuring a range driving deep house and hypnotic tribal techno -- have helped define what Circo Loco's musical vibe is really all about.

This Monday, Circo Loco closed it's 2013 season in style, with a three-room party that ran from Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning. And this week, Tania jets to America to play two events -- including her debut at Marquee New York this Friday. With the Ibiza season freshly wrapped, she spoke to us about the evolution of Circo Loco -- and of the island in general. We're excited to welcome this artist who has inspired so many to New York for what promises to be a moving night of cutting edge underground sounds.

Another season of Circo Loco just ended. How did 2013 compare with all the others?

2013 has been a great year for Circo Loco, even with the big economic crisis in the world, people were coming every single monday from June until October 7th, and it was packed with nice people and great energy. Another very good thing to compare to other years, there was a lot of renovation work that was done over the winter. DC10 now is more comfy. and, of course the line up has been really good this year. So all positive things!

Were there any particular sets of yours that really stood out to you?

I was there from the very first Monday we opened, so now imagine how many mondays there were. I can only tell you that as soon as I am at the last roundabout before the club, I get so nervous. Every Monday, it's the same feeling. It's kind of strange because it has been a while now. But I can't help it. It's different there, it's a nice feeling to play for this crowd.

It's crazy to think that Circo Loco has been running for all these years now (since 1999). As one of the original residents, are you surprised to see that it keeps getting bigger and bigger each year? Did you think that it would have such a long-lasting impact in Ibiza?

Yes, you know everything has changed in Ibiza from when I first came there until now, so of course DC10 has changed as well. The terrace is closed now, some changes like the roof on the terrace had a big impact on the crowd. It took time to find the right sound system and EQ it for the terrace with so much metal and glass. But now finally I think the sound is great and from what I saw this year, I think it's going to last a long time.

You did your own event at DC-10 Pandemonium for a few years. Is that something you'd like to bring back?

Oh yes, definitely. I put it on hold, my life, work and things were making it too stressful for me to do my own night. But it was a great party, and for sure I will bring it back..

What do you like to do when Ibiza is not in season?

I live there, so I do normal things, have a normal life in winter. The island is still beautiful, the weather is perfect so I can still go to the beach and do some sports like paddle surf of kayak. Normally in the winter I'm touring a lot, so when i come back home I like to recover. Ibiza is the best healing after a stressful weekend.

This season there were so many different parties in Ibiza with underground DJs. What are your thoughts on this expansion?

Yes many DJ did their own nights this year so it's good for the music. At least the quality of the music in Ibiza has changed compared to other years, so that's positive. I am very happy to see this change compared to the last few years. Good line ups, good music, that's good for the underground scene and for the crowd that comes to Ibiza.

Like everywhere, the musical styles at Circo Loco have evolved over the years. As a DJ personally, what kind of style and sounds are you most into?

This question is very difficult to answer. I would say basically deep house, house, some techno. But you know, not everybody have the same definition of what these styles are.

We are looking forward to having you at Marquee this Friday. What's it like for you to come and play in New York City?

I love New York -- it is the city I am really happy to play here and really looking forward to playing at Marquee this Friday..

Tania Vulcano plays Marquee New York with Sleepy & Boo on Friday October 11th.

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