08/06/2012 09:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Would You Rather? Eat a Bag of Peanuts a Day or a Tub of Warheads Every 2 Weeks?

Ever played food Would You Rather? Have some fun and kill some time by doing so here.

Option #1: Every day for the rest of your life you must eat an 8 oz bag of shelled peanuts.


Option #2: For the rest of your life you must eat a 240 count tub of Warheads Extreme Sour candies every 2 weeks.


I didn't say this one would be fun. Or easy. For those interested in calorie count/nutrition, let's break it down:

Peanuts: you'd be forced to consume 1,008 calories a day worth of peanuts. This represent 136% of your daily recommended allowance of fat. On the plus side, you'll definitely stay regular, as a bag packs 64% of your daily recommended allowance of dietary fiber.

Warheads: You have 2 weeks to disperse your eating as you please, but it averages out to slightly more then 17 pieces of candy per day. At 10 calories per candy, that's about 170 calories per day - of pure sugar. On the plus side, they do note on the tub that they are "high in vitamin c."

Other things to consider: Can your body/digestive system tolerate that many peanuts each day? But what about the Warheads? Will they completely strip your tongue, mouth and stomach lining raw, day after day? Does being able to space out when during the 2 weeks you eat the 240 Warheads have any advantages over the daily bag of peanuts?

Please share in the comments the logic behind the choice you made.