09/22/2014 12:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Travel Tips: How to Take the Best Selfie Ever

When we travel, we are creating precious memories. And what better way to hold on to these memories than with pictures?

But taking pictures of yourself isn't always the easiest thing to do. Have you ever been on the road and asked somebody to take a picture of you? But then... where are you?


Why aren't you in focus?


Why is your head cut off?!


This needs to end! And this is why the selfie exists. Take matters into your own hands with my tips on how to ensure that your selfies are always picture perfect.

Masione Smartphone Extendable Rod

This puppy:


... is your solution to all smartphone selfies. It is made to fit all smartphone sizes, from the iPhone to something smaller or larger. The key is that in order for the rod to work, the device needs to have a super flat surface.

Do you need more distance? Simply extend the rod.


Do you need more of an angle? Just rotate it however you like.



Pro Tip: Download a self-timer camera app so you can take the pictures without having to click the screen. Just type in "self-timer camera" and you will get a bunch of free or paid options.

XShot Pocket Camera Extender

This camera extender:


... is designed especially for digital cameras. All you have to do is screw the camera onto the rod:


...and you're all set. It works exactly the same way as the smartphone camera extender, except this rod has a lot more length and it already comes with a self timer function!

All Pictures Courtesy of Mariana Hellmund