04/19/2016 09:54 am ET Updated Apr 20, 2017

Seven Reasons to Become a Travel Blogger

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Travel blogging is a journal that the whole world can read and it is the main reason behind me setting up my own travel blog. I set up Sophie's Suitcase for both my friends and family to read whilst I was on my travels backpacking around South East Asia back in 2012. Nowadays everyone is writing about their travels and what better way to record your own stories and tips than by starting your own blog.

Here are seven reasons why you should join the army and get writing...

Remember your trip
The biggest advantage of having a travel blog is providing you with a great way to remember your trip. Much like a travel journal, you can record the best bits of your travels but by it being online it means you can type it up, include photos and your capture your memories forever.

It doesn't cost you anything
If you keep it basic having a travel blog won't cost you anything. However the bigger you get the more investment you may need, such as paying for hosting or a domain. There a lot of free blog hosting platforms out there including WordPress and Blogger that are worth trying and they won't cost you a dollar.

Meet other travellers
Travel writing is a great way to meet like-minded people who love travel, culture and global experiences. The travel blogging sphere has grown massively over the last few years so it is a great way to make new connections and network with brands. Like travelling, you get to make new friends all over the world.

And keep in touch with those you met on the road
It can often take a lot of effort to stay in touch with those hundreds of people you met backpacking on your travels but with all the social media platforms around these days it is certainly a lot easier. Alongside this if you have your own travel blog it means you are regularly updating all your friends with your adventures online.

Earn some money
Of course if everyone could make money from travel blogging everyone would be doing it and there is no doubt there are lots of ways to earn money from your travels and work with brands. However, you must propose your blog as a business as brands will only want to work with you if you produce good content and reach out to a demographic that suits their own audience. However, remember to be realistic and spend time investing in to your business.

Put it into perspective
It's true - you don't appreciate what you've got till it's gone. By writing about your travels it can often put things in to perspective and therefore make those memories seem even more memorable. Scrolling through those travel photos may also inspire you to book another trip away...

Inspire others
This is the big one - the biggest enjoyment for many bloggers is inspiring other people. Along the way you will get to meet so many people who will thank you for inspiring them to take that first trip away from home or may have motivated a recent graduate to save enough money to backpack through Asia.

Have a read of my own travel blog here.