03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

How Happy Is... Thanksgiving: Why You Want To Be A Connector

With Thanksgiving coming up and it being a time when we get together with family and friends, I wanted to give you a way in which you can easily make other people's lives work and your own in the process. It is something that you might want to begin now and continue on a long-term basis, and that is to become a matchmaker. When I say 'become a matchmaker' I don't solely mean in the sense of connecting people up who would make good love matches, although that might be part of it. I am also talking about putting people together who have work, hobbies and other aspects of their lives in common. In this way, you go from being a matchmaker, to becoming more of a connector. Indeed, you may be one already or you may know of one, two, or many for that matter.

So how do you personally become a connector? Well, the first criteria is that you have to want other people's lives to work, regardless of whether yours is or isn't. By giving out that sort of energy, you will get rewards back in spades and you'll see, your life will automatically improve.

And the second criteria to becoming a connector, is that you cannot be the jealous type. You have to have the attitude that there is enough to go round for everyone. There is enough money, there is enough work, there are enough friends, there is enough love, and, by adopting that perspective, you will always have more than enough of all of the above.

So, with those two criteria in mind, think about whom in your life could benefit from connecting up with someone else in your life, whether it's friends, family, work associates or anyone you enjoy meeting for that matter. How could one help the other? How could their meeting mutually benefit each other's lives, regardless of it being love, work or friendship?

If there is something that you can easily do to make a difference this Thanksgiving, it is to start connecting people up who will benefit from the meeting, as one thing is for sure, without connectors we would all live very lonely lives.

Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared off the Huffington Post for a few months. I have now started to do regular 'How Happy is' television segments on the KTLA morning show and have completed my website which I would love you to visit at, where you can read many more articles, watch videos, make contact with me, ask any questions and sign up for a monthly newsletter. Happy Thanksgiving. I look forward to hearing from you. Sophie x