12/04/2014 12:25 pm ET Updated Feb 03, 2015

How Long Is 9 Months Really?

On average, pregnancy lasts for 280 days. Some moms-to-be would say this is a breeze, while others would think of it as eternity. Even though we sometimes feel like there is never enough time, we have all the time in the moment. It's up to us as to how we are going to use it. Have you ever wondered how perception of time is really relative?

Perception of time can shift frequently in one process. Remember a situation when you were really hungry and needed to wait until the last potato was grilled in the oven. When you set up the alarm clock on the oven, one hour of hungry waiting seemed so far away. When you first got that delicious smell in your nostrils, you knew that first bite was only around the corner and the minutes started to run a bit faster. But then just as the alarm clock went off and you nailed your fork in one of the potato's and realized it is still not completely soft, clockwise, time started to move really slow. Isn't this funny? And when you finally took your first bite it was all over before you could even blink.

Something very strange also happens with time when a woman carries a small fetus-baby under her heart. During those nine months, her perception of time shifts even more often than her pregnancy moods. When I first saw a plus on the pregnancy test, I couldn't immediately swallow the fact that I would soon become a mom. It was just too far away to think about the outcome. The first few weeks felt like never ending torture. Constant fear of something going wrong was accompanied by sickness and fatigue. I counted every second until the first doctor's appointment so that I would finally get some proof that there was a solid reimbursement for my nausea. At that time, minutes felt like hours and hours like days. But with the reassurance that my baby was healthy and growing fast, the days started to fly a bit quicker. I got my energy back, I felt great and everything was finally back to normal. My belly was growing rapidly and small bubbles soon turned into strong kicks. Before I knew it, I felt like a balloon ready to explode. Time stopped once again and every minute seemed so endless. I wanted to meet my newborn and wished to rush through the last days before my due date. When my sweethearts were finally in my lap, time started to speed up again. They are six and three years old now and it feels like years are running by like speedy Gonzales.

Now, take a moment. Try to remain in the present and think: how long is it for you? The truth is that we have all the time in the world in this moment. It's just up to us how we perceive it. Does it seem surreal? Think of it. When you wait in line at the supermarket and you are nervously watching your watch, what happens? As you focus on rushing, you build up anxiety and everybody around you becomes more stressful. Because of the tension, the people in front of you start dropping things, the cashier makes a mistake, and you can't find your credit card. It seems like a coincidence that you always pick the slowest line, but it's you who prolongs the process. On the other hand, if you would just calmly observe people around you, smile kindly at them and help them sort their things on the conveyor belt, then not only would your focus on time disappear, but you would also actively help with speeding up the line.

It is sometimes hard to stop yourself from speeding, but in pregnancy, there are so many good reasons to do it. Just by knowing that you will experience this miracle in very limited reprises in your life is a solid motivator to give it a chance. When you wait in line or wait for delicious potatoes to bake, instead of focusing on time, focus on your little one instead. Can you imagine what is going on in your womb? No? Then take five minutes, open your favorite internet site or book with pictures of fetus's progress and imagine how this small creature is a huge part of you. Listen to her heart beat, touch her silhouette, sing to her and observe her dance. Imagine her sweet face and tell her that you love her unconditionally. Stop to turn those hectic moments into an opportunity to bond.

Also, enjoy time when you work on your daily tasks. During long meetings, amuse yourself by counting the kicks she is giving you. When you encounter a creativity block, pet your belly and ask your baby for solutions; if you listen deeply she will whisper the right answer to you. If you already are a mom, stop compromising the time for one or the other child; make creative ways to bond with them from the beginning. As you enjoy dinner, chew for a second longer to enjoy the taste and notice how she responds to it. When a special scent brings up memories in your subconscious mind, embrace those feelings and take time to tell your little one that those are also a part of you. And just before sleep and the first thing in the morning, be grateful for all the miracles that happen in one day. If you pay attention, you will see millions of them and will feel how time is really spacious.

I am sure you are not eating fast food, as you know that it is not good for your baby-fetus. It's the same with time. Stay away from fast-food perception and live your pregnancy as an art. Don't waste time with hurrying, instead try to be in the present and always make it an enjoyable experience. Relish it like you would appreciate the most delicious appetizer at a superb slow food restaurant. Simplify your back burners and focus on things that are truly important. Stop worrying about the future, as you will never have everything under control, and stop comparing details from the past as licking the wounds won't clear away the pain. The only time that is real is now. The past and future are merely fictions in our mind. So be in the moment and practice being really present. You will soon notice how you will get more fun from even the most boring activities; you will easily reduce stress, enrich your relationships and become more productive.

When you learn how to be time abundant, the quality of your life will grow significantly. When we stop addressing it as a seamless competitor and begin recognizing the opportunities each moment is revealing for us, our everyday life will become so much easier and much more enjoyable. So put on your time abundance hat and make every second of your pregnancy of the optimal length for your gratification.