10/17/2014 03:48 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2014

Plane Diverted After Ebola Virus Reclines in Seat

Global Odyssey Worldwide Travel Flight 416 from West Africa to New York was forced to divert to Italy when passenger William Lockhold objected to the Ebola virus in front of him reclining in its seat. "During the screening of Blended, the Ebola virus attempted to recline but the passenger behind it had attached a Knee Defender device to his tray table," says Global Odyssey Worldwide Travel spokesperson Mikael Nichester. "We do not allow the use of any devices that will restrict seat reclining or affect the comfort of dangerous infectious diseases traveling internationally."

According to eyewitnesses, the Ebola virus calmly confronted Mr. Lockhold, insisting it had the right to recline like everyone else aboard. "The flight attendant tried removing the Knee Defender but the guy refused and demanded the Ebola's legroom," said Flight 416 passenger Millie Hammerfish. "Then he became very abusive and Air marshals had to separate them." The pilot diverted the plane to Rome Fiumicino Airport where Lockhold was arrested and charged and the Ebola continued to New York and was given twenty thousand free bonus miles.

After the flight, the Ebola virus said, "Actually, I'm grateful for all of this because now I've been to Italy."