07/02/2013 12:25 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2013

Is the Presidential Mania of India's Narendra Modi Driving a Square Peg in Its Round Democratic System?

"It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise." -- Joseph Goebbels

There is at least one Indian politician who is the chief minister of the state of Gujrath, Narendra Modi, who seem to firmly believe in the Nazi theory of propaganda even now.

Modi thinks that by insanely pushing his "Gujrath Model" of governance for development, he can make 1.3 billion Indians believe that he can govern them like a POTUS and deliver prosperity.

At least that is what his Indo-U.S. backers and millions of urban youth in India who try to emulate this expatriate Indian group of "business genius", want him and his party the BJP, which is desperate to regain power after two lost elections, to believe.

In reality, for American business, who count on these guys to steer key functions in billion dollar corporations and their lobby to win business in India through political connections, it is time for a reality check.

Judging from their comprehension of Indian history and recent political development and grasp of reality on the ground, those businesses which engage or trust them to deliver, don't seem to be standing on any solid ground.

What language Will the POTUS-I speak?

Anyone who speak of a POTUS style governance for India forgets that there is only ONE language the POTUS and the citizens of the US speak. In a country deeply divided by nearly 400 languages and dialects, steeped in as many different culture and traditions, what language the POTIS-I is going to speak to deliver governance.

India, at best, is like the European Union. If ever there was a president of Europe, it was Adolf Hitler. If seventy years after Hitler proved it to be impossible for anyone to unite and rule Europe, if it still remains impossible it is simply because no European country has given up its language, despite accepting a single currency and a European Parliament.

If economically advanced Europe can't do it, it is sheer fallacy to pretend third world India can accept anything like it , unless of course Narendra Modi intends to become an Adolf Hitler.

Only External Aggression Can Unify Indian States

Three hundred years back India was a land mass of warring fiefdoms. Despite all pretenses to be otherwise, it still is one where people kill each other over language, religion and essential resources like water, job opportunities rather than share them.

The British discovered that gun powder can make them fall in line and the English language can tie them together in to an obedient lot.

Though the single language also proved the medium of expression of national pride and hatred of foreign rulers, eventually driving the British away, it has not remained a binding force once the British left.

The misguided administrative restructuring of India in to linguistic states really ended any chance of India being ever united or be ruled under a president democratically.

Since then only a real or imaginary threat of external aggression is the only force which brought any sense of unity among the 1.3 billion people who still call them Indians.

Though the Indian National Congress started out as the unifying movement which dislodged the British rule, starting from the post Independence division of India, it has only disintegrated under the natural political and cultural diversity which really make up the Indian Sub Continent.

Where do Narendra Modi and His Backers Get This Funny Notion?

The post 2002 communal riots Gujrath has withdrawn from the national stream under shame and self defense and huddled behind Modi and the BJP, allowing Narendra Modi to perpetuate a "presidential" form of governance.

In reality, the ethnic cleansing and other form of oppression of minorities which ensued in the years following the infamous riots of 2002 which has made Modi and the BJP to destroy the democratic fabric and balance of the state and project a degree of development, which is thin on the social side.

Virtually, there is no one other than Narendra Modi who governs Gujrath, even though the Indian democratic system envisage a council of elected ministers headed by the Chief Minister to make decisions and take responsibility.

That suits very well a lot of Industrialists who have invested in Gujrath because they really need to talk to one politician to get things done, unlike the governments in many other states and at the center in Delhi. But that hardly is the Indian Democracy and will only harm the Investors in the long run.

However, such blatant power grabbing approach of Modi has only brought criticism from his own party, which today stands split in the middle.

A self-centered leader who has shown that he cares two hoots for the party organization and long-time party colleagues in his own state has suddenly become all powerful in the BJP's national scheme of things, whereas a selfless leader who toiled for many decades to build the party brick by brick is being cast aside as a useless relic," Kulkarni.

Narendra Modi, a political and cultural pariah in his own country

Ironically, for a politician with Presidential aspirations, no one really wants Modi in their states! He is banned from campaigning in Bihar, ridiculed as Rambo for claiming unrealistic rescue work in neighbouring Utrakhand, stopped from campaigning in Karnataka where his party lost miserably in a recent election and has sent the communists of Kerala bizerk over his visit to a Hindu religious venue.

Despite all this here is some one and millions with him who believe he is the Obama of India.

Will, Narendra Modi who harbors unrealistic political ambitions to become the Prime Minister of India by hook or crook, the Hindu religious outfit RSS which props him up with an aim to grab the power in New Delhi to control and rule India on their Hindutwa agenda, the Industrialists who have found in Modi an easy and profitable access to India's untapped resources, an Indo American lobby which just want their man to rule India as well as a generation of youngsters to whom life had been nothing but a breeze thanks to the struggle of their parents, ever get in to their heads the fallacy of their ambitions?

The problem is in their enthusiasm for the grant idea, they forget the realities of the Indian Politics and why their dream of a presidential style governance of India will never be a reality.

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