11/27/2007 05:11 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oprah v Barbra: Paging Kathy Griffin!

OK, who hasn't seen Kathy Griffin tell her rendition of the Oprah v Barbra showdown on Oprah's Show? If you haven't, stop reading and watch now.

The bit culminates with Oprah asking Barbra where she found a white microphone for her performance on the show. Barbra reveals that she had one of Oprah's microphones painted white--and cut, that's it, end of show, Barbra gets the last word. Kathy later finds out just how displeased Oprah is...

I'll leave it to others to stick in their black/white/microphone joke here.

Here's to Oprah getting a chance to one-up... and to Kathy Griffin retelling whatever happens, because her version will no doubt be better than original.